“Other than give drugs, there’s really not much I can help you with…”


The skilled and kind psychiatrist handed us the ADHD diagnosis for our son and said these very words. “Other than drugs, there is really nothing I can help you with – Good Luck.”

Wow – what a shock. A double whammy – the diagnosis to make any parent cringe – ADHD. And to top it off, having to face the daunting thought that there was nothing that could be done.  He knew how I felt about putting my son on ritalin – I really didn’t want to go down that path. The many rumours and doubts swirling about medicines  had put us off giving it to him.

Dear Fellow Parents of an ADHD Child,

Life with ADHD

It’s not easy to deal with the daily drama – the ongoing stress that is on your child, and the whole family. As you would no doubt know, unless you’ve had the experience of being around an ADHD child, its really hard to fully understand what it’s like. It takes the usual difficulties of parenting and pushes them to a whole new level.

Our lives were being affected by our ADHD boy – mostly we just stayed home to stop the embarrassment his behaviors brought. Friends didn’t want to have their kids around “a boy like that” so had gradually stopped coming to our house. The stress levels of the family were high. There was no let up – from first thing in the morning until he finally went to sleep at night (my favourite time of the day!)

He really is a gorgeous boy – don’t get me wrong. The problem was he just did not have control of himself. When he does, his beautiful personality shines through.

Another Way

Are there any other treatments?

Our next stop was a paediatrician who is a specialist in ADHD. She told us to put our son on a natural form of ritalin, which we did. Within a week the improvements showed – he was less ‘flighty’ and much more attentive and rational – it was incredible. I started seeing my boy for his true self and realised the difficult behaviours were not something he had control over.

So, what is this Natural Ritalin?

This was my question.

The answer is… antioxidants.

Antioxidants are found in Tré. This is a liquid drawn from a select group of nature’s most powerful and unique fruits that are naturally rich in bioactive antioxidants, called bioflavonoids.

How does it work?

These are anti-oxidants that change the brain chemistry so kids are calmer and more focused. Unlike many other nutrients, bioflavonoids have the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier. This barrier acts like a security guard to screen and control what passes into the brain. What this means is that bioflavonoids can get into the actual brain, which is where they have a tremendous positive action. They are known to have a very protective affect on the nervous system – the brain. Some practitioners are using bioflavonoids as an alternative to medication, with excellent results.

Bioflavonoids have been found to have similar effects on the brain as does ritalin, but without the side effects. It isn’t really widely understood how this works exactly but it is considered that bioflavonoids:

- reduce the circulating free radicals (antioxidant effect)

- moderate the effects that phenols can have on the brain and nervous system

- interfere with the toxins released from the gut

- negate the effect of dietary antigens that cause inflammation

- act as a metal chelator (binder) to reduce the heavy metal concentration

Buy Natural Ritalin Now

“Our 4 year old ADHD son started on Flavonoid Complex last summer. Within a week we began noticing changes: he was more attentive, and less hyper. It was during the summer holidays and the friend we had stayed with before and after starting this were asking us what had changed – they could see he was so much calmer and down-to-earth”

Anne and David, Auckland, NZ

How to stop your child from bouncing off the walls – without any of the nasty side effects:

  • Turn chaos into calm
  • Imagine your child curled up on the couch concentrating on a book
  • Better grades because they can concentrate at school
  • Say goodbye to those tantrums
  • Ward off the ills due to stronger immune system
  • A treatment that doesn’t ‘wear off’
  • Get the calm back in the house
  • At last, a natural alternative for your ADHD child
  • Have more fun family time
  • Get your family’s social life back on track
  • A more focused child = a happier child
  • Improve your child’s quality of life
  • Improve  your  quality of life
  • Helps with asthma, eczema, food intolerances etc related to inflammation
  • Gives your child a chance to think before they react
  • No side-effects, only side-benefits
  • Sourced from organic fruits and vegetables so you know its good for them
  • A safe and effective ADHD/ADD treatment
  • 100% natural – no artificial flavours, preservatives, colours or sweeteners
  • Don’t be embarrassed by your child anymore
  • Be proud of who your son/daughter really is
  • The drug-free option for your ADHD child
  • Experience the essence of your child without pharmaceuticals

Yours Sincerely,


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Shelley Belcourt, Auckland, New Zealand

September 2011

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Purchase Tré today risk free. If you haven’t seen any improvements in your child’s behaviour within 4 weeks of daily use, get your money back*. The only thing you’ve got to lose is your child’s unwanted behaviours.

You won’t find this kind of quality food-sourced bioflavonoids in the shops. Exclusive to you – sent directly to your home.

Yes Please Show Me How

Make the safe choice for your child.

By now you must realize that there is another way to deal with ADHD. Many have felt they had no choice than to follow the crowd – to gain some peace and order many parents choose ritalin, adderall or another psycho-stimulant. You may not want to go down that path. Here is a great alternative – and it really is natural. Sourced from real, organic superfoods

What are the features of Tré?

  • All natural bioflavonoids – phytonutrients (plant nutrients) are made with nature’s most potent health-enhancing ingredients: pomegranate, acai berry and green tea.
  • This is combined with Inflox, an exclusive, proprietary blend of deep dark berries (blueberry, elderberry, bilberry, cranberry, black currant, and red and white grapes).
  • Tré is further enhanced with two powerful, scientifically validated antioxidants – resveratrol and alpha-lipoic acid to bring you a potent essence of nature
  • Supports the body’s natural ability to fight inflammation and oxidation.
  • Backed by substantial research data on flavonoid’s protective function.
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-allergy and anti-infection action
  • Low glycemic response
  • 100% natural
  • No artificial flavours, preservatives, colours, or sweeteners
  • One bottle provides 30 serves

Our ADHD/ADD kids have different brain ‘wiring’. Brain scans show how their brains work differently. That is why we support the brain with the best nutrition to enhance its function. Flavonoids (natural ritalin) will do this.

In combination with Flavonoids or Tré, I also highly recommend a good quality Omega-3 supplement. In fact, I recommend the best Omega-3 supplement on the market today.

* Good for first purchase of product

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